It is in 2000 that the Robert family acquired the equestrian site visible from the highway 116 in St-Bruno. They revived operations by offering customers a wide range of services including: english riding lessons, boarding and competition. In 2004, listening to the needs of its customers, the owners, also parents of 5, decided to expand their services to meet the needs of a younger clientele. They announced the opening of one of the first pony clubs of Quebec. This pony club was combined with their english riding school. New services included: learning to ride through games, day camps, pony rides and children’s birthday activities quickly gained in popularity. ‘La Montee” stables built a solid reputation in maintaining high standards in customer service, safety, cleanliness and competence of the staff. More than 250 regular customers had weekly riding lessons all year long. There was waiting lists for new customers eager to get a weekly spot. Demand was so high that people had to register in advance to ensure a place.

In 2007, an unexpected sale to real estate developers forced the owners to reduce their operations. Motivated by the strong passion of the 4 oldest daughters, this family business decided to build a new stable on a new site. This new stable is perfectly adapted to the equestrian needs of a growing client base. This new site is 2 minutes away from the previous farm and is in business since March 2009. Plans are inspired by the owners experience and everything is very functional and easy to maintain. Owners and their employees have worked for more than a year full time on this major project. The “La Montee” stables are now open to the public. The services offered are now: classic riding lessons, boarding, purchase/sale and training of horses, breeding service, competition and pony rides. Naturally, the staffs’ competence, a good client-approach, security as well as the cleanliness are always our standards. Come and discover !



Les écuries La Montée
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