ConventoFor the greatest good of all, Ecuries La Montee shares their love of horses and nature. This equestrian environment is a Wellness Center where everyone can find their balance to progress towards their full potential.

With its experience in the equestrian education field, the specialized team of Ecuries La Montee enlarges the range of their services to help people feel good. This Wellness Equine Energy concept is an innovation inspired by the physical and mental improvements that we witness on a regular basis. The life quality of individuals and entire families, have bloomed because of the soothing and regenerating energy from horses and nature. Every session starts by the exercise period followed by a visit in the stable to benefit from the contact with horses.

The Wellness Equine Energy trainings are diversified and add an energical horse zootherapy approach to the most popular wellness trends that allows to free tension and stress while taping into the pure and beneficent energy from nature and horses. It’s unique and fun. These services fill an emergent need towards natural wellness solutions .

Ecuries La Montee continues to develop new services on a regular basis with specialists of the health and personal growth fields. Personalized corporative packages are available. We also welcome school visits.

To register or for information, call: 514 809-9418

All our trainings are offered outside on the equestrian training fields, in our conference room or in the heated inside arena.
The trainings do not include horse riding, but only contacts with horses.
Always provide good sports shoes and comfortable clothing

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